The Miracle Of AZOMITE®

Published: 20th April 2010
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AZOMITE® is a wonderful trace mineral supplement for crops and animals. It is mined in central Utah and comes from volcanic dust turned to rock. It is pinkish in color and was assayed by Dr. Charles Head, ranking scientific expert at the U.S. Bureau of Mines back in the 1940's.

AZOMITE® was used to treat an orchard where leaf curl, sluggish growth, poor-quality fruit and many pests were the problem. AZOMITE® corrected the conditions within a year. By the end of the third year, none of the conditions existed.

AZOMITE® has been combined with cattle feed, poultry feed, worked into ground for pasture grass and food crops. The results are exciting. The cattle gained weight faster and had stronger legs. The poultry were more healthy and AZOMITE® gave them earlier maturity, greater weight, stronger legs, and a greater number of prime-grade quality birds.

There is an important thing that we need to understand about trace minerals. They need to be in ingested in balance because they interact. If they are not in balance, they can produce a deficiency instead of helping. Trace minerals function as catalysts within the plan or animal cells. AZOMITE® minerals are balanced minerals. Because they are balanced, they are many times more effective. The plants and animals supplemented with AZOMITE® thrive unbelievably well. The vegetables taste so much better that once you use them you are spoiled for life and never want to eat what hasn't been given the AZOMITE® boost.

Our personal experience with AZOMITE® verifies all that we have ever read about it. Our gardens and trees and animals are more pests free and healthy because of the AZOMITE® we use. We do not have to spray for cabbage worm or other pests and the food tastes better and lasts longer after harvest without rotting.

We raised broiler chickens last year. We put AZOMITE® in their feed to help make their legs stronger. They grew well and had stronger legs. We do not raise laying hens, but the experience of others speaks well. One farmer observed: When a neighbor put AZOMITE® in the pen where culled hens were housed, by morning it was gone. All of the hens lived and started laying again. Baby chicks will eat AZOMITE® from the first day, if it is ground fine enough; it seems to stimulate their appetite. They develop more evenly, feather out sooner, and give a higher percentage of fertilized eggs. Pullets start laying earlier, and their shells are much harder.

Try AZOMITE® for yourself, I am that sure you will see a difference. Since using it, I will never be without it. Last year we almost ran out and our garden got less than the year before. I will not let that happen again. Our trees produce wonderful pest free fruit without spraying, and our vegetables are so much better than they were prior to AZOMITE®. We are ready to begin growing broiler chickens again and will give them the AZOMITE® advantage this year as well.

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