Juice Fast For Weight Loss and Cleansing

Published: 20th April 2010
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Having tried juice fasting before, and having talked to others about it I chose a time when I wasn't going to have a lot of stresses in my life. I had been told that the first 3 days would be the hardest and then would get easier. The following is what I did and what I found.

For the cleanse the very most important thing is to drink often, so I set the goal of drinking a glass of something every hour. First thing in the morning is a good time to drink a full glass of lemon water. That helps the liver and the whole body cleanse. Then the next hour water, the next hour juice, then water. Every two hours I try to drink a juice or tea or vegetable broth of some kind. A variety gets you more of the nutrients your body needs. On the opposite hours I drink a glass of water. My goal is to drink 4 or 5 swallows every half hour and I often squeeze lemon into my water.

It is good to use fresh fruits and vegetables mostly so you will get enzymes as well as the vitamins and minerals your body needs. There are proteins in some of the green things as well, but that is a nutrient one has a hard time getting on a juice fast.

Another thing you don't get is fiber. Fiber is necessary to clean the bowel and because you don't get fiber on a juice fast it is recommended that you do a bowel cleanse daily. This can be done with enema, high colonic, or colon hydrotherapy. My colon Hydrotherapist told me that when you don't chew your peristalic movement in the bowel stops. The up side of this she said, is that the plaque in the bowel comes away from the walls of the large intestine. That is why you need to take the opportunity to clean it out.

One recipe for healthy fresh juice is the juice of a potato, a beet, carrots, and celery. Potato gives you potassium, beet is for the liver and gull bladder, carrots for blood sugar and energy, and celery is for sodium. This works well, and on these foods I have not found myself low in energy.

This juice fast, I have concentrated on using low sugar, low glycemic raw foods because I am trying to get rid of some candida.

It is really great to have juicers available in my home to process my raw food into juice. That way, I can juice whatever I have access to or want to eat. My citrus juicer works well to juice the lemons and grapefruit I have juiced. The wheatgrass juicer has worked great for the kale, lettuce, chard, and other leafy things. The centrifugal juicer is what I prefer for juicing the apples, carrots, beets, and peppers, onions, cucumbers, celery, and other hard fruits and vegetables. I have juiced pineapple with this juicer as well.

The hardest part of the fast has been to fix my husband and grandchild their tasty meals and then sit down to drink my glass of juice while they are eating chops and ribs and salads.

This juice fast has gone quickly. I am half through with my 21 day fast and I have lost 8 1/2 pounds and the itching from the candida is going away also.

Juice fasting is a great way to get toxins out of the body that are stored in the fat. It is great to get back on track to healthy eating and healthy living. It is great to get rid of the left over holiday weight. My friend jump started his 78 LB weight loss with a juice fast. It gets you more healthy. This friend was able to get off all 3 diabetes medicines and the high blood cholesterol medicine he had been taking and his blood looks really good. I would recommend a juice fast for anyone who wants to feel better and get healthy.

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